US Breeders/ Ratteries


US Breeders/ Ratteries

Please note that I am providing this list of breeders/ratteries as a courtesy to those who may be of interest in obtaining a rat with known background, lineage, or a particular variety, such as some of the harder to find types such as Dwarf, Dumbo, Hairless, Harley coat, etc.
My hopes are that those looking for pet rats will avoid purchasing from pet stores where rats are received from places equivalent to a puppy mill, sometimes with worse conditions.
Please note that I cannot guarantee the breeding and husbandry (care) practices of these ratteries so I advice you to do your own research.
. The list you see here has been compiled by breeders I have found online, primarily through rat forums, or have befriended on Facebook.
Please check back often as this list is expected to grow! Continuously under construction!

***NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that there are some ratteries that use the same initials/abbreviations on their pedigrees. While I agree that this adds to the confusion, and the aggravation of the original rattery with the same initials/abbreviations, I do not assume ANY responsibility for these duplicates. I have no control over this matter nor am I in any position to interrogate any rattery or breeder that requests that I list them here. I can not stress enough the importance of looking into each and every rattery you are thinking from adopting from. Only in the case of documented animal neglect, hoarding or abuse will I ever deny a rattery from being listed here.***

Know of a breeder not listed here? Please email me at CONTACTME@RATWHISPERER.NET

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California

The Rat Cave
Long Beach, CA
Description: I am a rattery in the South Bay area established in September of 2010 providing quality rats. Specializing in Siamese, Burmese, Dwarf, and Roan. I only work with rats that have wonderful temperaments and I assess every individual rat before placing them in my breeding program. All of my rats are handled daily from the day they are born. I treat them all as if they were my own babies. I love my rats and am totally dedicated to providing quality pets to Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida

AG Rattery
Gainesville, FL (Alachua County)
Contact Info:
Description: I specialize in seal-point Siamese (in rex, dumbo, and standard ear/fur) blues (blue agouti, blue beige, American), cinnamon, recessive blazes, dumbo ears, rex fur, and sweet personalities! I handle babies from the moment they are born to ensure they are used to people. I try my best to breed away from genetic illnesses by using pedigreed breeding rats. My number one goal is to produce healthy pets for people to enjoy. All rats live in spacious cages and are given fresh food…and never treated as useless breeding stock!

  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois

Democrattery (DEMO)
Chicago, IL
Description: My breeding program will focus on varieties of Burmese and, BES. I’ll be working with Rex, Double Rex, Harley and Hairless. Most Dumbos in Standard and Dwarf size. My goal is to produce large, cuddly, social shoulder Ratties as well as fearless, sweet little Dwarfs.
I have extensive experience raising and breeding animals and will be mentored by a long time breeder and genetics specialist. I will be working with amazingly well established blood lines to ensure quality, health and longevity of my rats.

Sweet Genes Rattery (SGR)
Naperville, IL
Description: All of the rats used for breeding here at Sweet Genes are healthy and of exceptional temperament. Most have many generations of known family history behind them. Rats bought from pet stores are not used for breeding, due to the lack of information regarding family health and temperament. Sweet Genes maintains extensive pedigree and health history information, which is freely and promptly shared whenever relevant to an adoption, or upon request. All breeding rats and their offspring (whether sold to other breeders or pet owners) are registered with the NARR (North American Rat Registry), an international registry for fancy rats which maintains an extensive database of information regarding pedigrees and health histories on the over 6,500 rats registered. I have served as a show judge, following URS (United Rat Standards) guidelines. Sweet Genes aims to produce a quality “whole rat,” which means excellence in all aspects. Pet owners — not just other breeders — deserve access to rats of this high quality. Providing this is the reason that I breed. Babies are lovingly handled from birth and carefully socialized. When you take home a Sweet Genes rat, you’ll see why “Only the sweetest pet rats come from Sweet Genes”.

  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
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