Ratty Lifespan and Age Calculator


Ratty Lifespan and Age Calculator

Ever wonder how old your rat is in human years?

Did you know a 2 year old rat is a little over 56 years of age in human years, where as a 5 week old rat is equivalent to a 8 year old, and a 5 day old rattie is comparable to a 1 year old human child? Pretty neat huh?

The relationship between rat years and human years does not follow a constant ratio – rats develop much more quickly than humans in their early life, so the age calculator shows them ageing much faster at the beginning of their lives.

What to find out how old your ratty is in human years? Click the pic below:


Another interesting thing I found was that petstore rats lived about 5 months longer than those that came from a breeder. Which gives me hope when I see those pitiful little whiskered faces in the glass tanks at Petco or Petsmart! The average rat lives to be about 24 months of age, which is about 56 years of age for a human (worldwide) is 67 years. So basically if your rat lives to be 2 years and 5 months of age, it would have been equivalent to a 67 year old human life span. Makes you feel a little better doesn’t it?

A current running life span survey conducted by Rattycorner.com, started in 2010, revealed some very interesting information as well…

The average for all males, intact and neutered, is about 24.18 months whereas the average for all females, spayed or not, is closer to 25.77. So female rats appear to live slightly longer than males…very much like humans where women live longer than men!