Top 4 Rat Harnesses

A rat harness is a cord or a strap that is used for restraining or guiding the rat inside a room, cage or even outdoors. It is very popular among researchers who use rats as guinea pigs in their laboratories. The rat harnesses are also popular with people who rear rodents as pets.

If you are looking to buy a rat harness, you should be aware of some of the things to look out for including;

  • Whether the strap fits into the rat’s neck
  • Whether the harness allows the rat free movement in order to be able to exercise more
  • Whether the harness is designed to prevent injury to the pet
  • Whether the harness can be used on other rodents and small animals if you have such animals in your cages.

There are 4 popular types of rat harnesses including;

  • Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash
  • Ware Manufacturing Nylon Walk-N-Vest Pet Harness and Leash for Small Pets
  • Living World 60865 Harness/Lead Set
  • Small-n-Furry Walk-n-Vest-n-Leash

Top Harnesses Comparison Chart

Rat Harnesses

Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash

Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash Technical Specs
  • Price - $7.28
  • Product Dimensions - 8 x 5.6 x 1.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight - 0.8 ounces
  • Adjustable Velcro straps with neck size of between 5 inches and 7 inches and a waist size of between 7 inches and 9 inches
  • The leash is designed to encourage healthy exercise
  • Designed to prevent injuries and ensure safety of pet
  • 4-foot leash
  • For ferrets, pet rats or other small animals
Overview For a price of $7.28 and free shipping for orders of over $25 you cannot ask for a better deal. The Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash comes with adjustable Velcro straps of 5- to 7-inches around the neck and waist size of between 7- and 9-inches. The leash is built to encourage exercise and thus your pet will always be in good health. It also has some safety features that protect the pet from being injured. It is a 4-feet leash that can be used on small animals, rats and ferrets. The leash has been described as the “most stylish and safest” to guide your furry friend through the park. The critters contours are put into consideration, thereby making a leash that can be adjusted according to the animal’s size. The Velcro straps ensure that the leash is fastened tight around the pet rat’s neck while the e-z buckle snap ensures harness is securely tightened. The harness also features a stretch roller to increase the comfort of the pet while elasticity prevents the injuries during the walks. Pros The health of your pet is guaranteed with this leash. It comes with extra cushioning and elasticity to prevent stress around your pet’s neck It is cheap Con The leash can only be used on small animals.

Ware Manufacturing Nylon Walk-N-Vest Pet Harness and Leash for Small Pets

Ware Manufacturing Nylon Walk-N-Vest Pet Harness and Leash for Small Pets Technical Specs
  • The Ware Manufacturing Nylon Walk-N-Vest Pet Harness cost $9.49
  • It is one of the safest and most comfortable harnesses in the market
  • It is made of high-shelf nylon that is durable and high quality.
  • The harness is best used on small pets, rats, and baby ferrets.
  • It is easily washable.
  • Measurements: 4.25 inches, 1 inch deep and 7.25 inches high.
  • It is easily worn and removed as it have some Velcro clips.
  • Its colors are made in such a way that they will not bleed or fade.
  • It is designed to fit small animals such as critters, rats and baby ferrets.
Overview For the choicest and safest harness for your small friend, try using the Ware Manufacturing Small Walk-N-Vest Harness and Leash. Made out of the highest quality nylon that is easily slipped around the pet’s neck and completely comfortable when worn. It comes with clips and Velcro that fastens the leash tightly around the animal. The company has ensured the leash is colorfast, washable and maintains its original color without fading. The leash is the perfect rat harness that can also be used on other small animals such as baby ferrets and critters. It represents the best solution for those who are keen on taking their animals out on a walk. Pros
  • It comes in colors that are washable
  • It is easily worn and fastened using Velcro and clips
  • It’s the most comfy harness in the market.
  • Nylon is not a sweat absorbing material and hence when walking for a long distance, the pet’s sweat will make it uncomfortable.
  • It is a little bit pricey.

Living World 60865 Harness/Lead Set

Living World 60865 HarnessLead Set Technical Specs
  • It prides itself as a performance and quality product for your best friend, the rat pet.
  • The Living World 60865 Harness comes with a lead set and cost just $8.37.
  • If you place orders more than $25, you will be given free shipping.
  • The leash has been tested to ensure it is safe for use on healthy animals.
Overview Pros Living World takes pride as the manufacturer of pet products. It takes the business of ensuring that the health and safety of the pets. Its top priority is to make the materials that are quality, while settling for nothing less than the best. Cons
  • The leash is pre-tested for quality to ensure that it is fit for use on animals
  • It is manufactured by a company that is in it not for just profit, but also for the well-being of the animal.
  • It is a little bit pricey.

Small-n-Furry Walk-n-Vest-n-Leash

Small-n-Furry Walk-n-Vest-n-Leash Technical Specs
  • The leash costs $9.58 and it is shipped for free.
  • Measurements: 19cm x 11cm x 3cm
  • It comes with an adjustable vest.
  • It is best suited for use on both cats and rats.
  • The leash is manufactured in different eye-catching colors.
  • It also comes with a finder bell and a stretching lead to further enhance the pet’s comfort.
Overview The Small-n-Furry Walk-n-Vest-n-Leash is made in several sizes. There is a small and medium sized leash for rats and ferrets and medium and large leash for rabbits and a large and extra-large leashes for the cats. For each type of animal, the harness is designed to ensure maximum comfort. Pros It has a finder bell to help the owner to trace the pet when it gets lost The harness also has a stretching lead to further enhance the pet’s comfort. Cons Since the rat harnesses comes with different sizes for different animals, you will have to buy a harness for every new pet you acquire


Humanity has embraced pet keeping as a way of having companions at home and during those joyful strolls they love having. To ensure that you are giving your pet the best “companionship treatment”, you need to take time and figure out which harnesses best suits your pet. Rats in particular are very slippery and will need to be kept in sight throughout their lifetime. Get the best leash in the market and your work is halfway done.