Ratty Playground Inspiration

After writing about creating an enriched environment for our ratties, it got me thinking about my own rats and how I can make time outside the cage more fun. I had been eying these huge parrot gyms and thought how awesome they would be for rats. So I started compiling the photos I liked best for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites. My plans are to build one for my ratties, with lots of climbing ladders, platforms, things to chew... maybe having less swings and more tunnels, but you get the basic idea! How freaking awesome are they?! To buy one already would cost anywhere from $100 to $200! I went to my local craft store and started pricing materials. Who knows, maybe I might be able to construct something for my ratties in time for Christmas! Fingers crossed! These and other playgrounds can be found at Birdscomfort.com. They seem to have the best looking playgrounds available. I seen a bunch online but theirs are superior by far! Have you constructed a playground for your ratties? Please share! Send your photos, your name and where you are from to askratwhisperer@gmail.com!