Aniston's Rat Car Seat

Back when my long haired dachshund, Cayman, was a puppy, I received a little pet car seat to put him in when we were driving to and from our puppy classes at Petco. He outgrew the car seat before we started our obedience classes, but I hung onto it. It was such a nice doggie car seat! But it's made for teeny dogs, not 30 pound moosey dachshunds! It then became a backseat toy corral for the kids, and then a backseat garbage collector for the whole family. Until this morning... I needed to make a trip to Petsmart and decided to take Aniston along. Aniston and I have created quite a special bond. She's never been outside of the home since the day I adopted her so I thought it would be nice to get her out and smell some fresh air and feel the sunshine on her fur! (Don't tell the others, but I think she just might be my fave of the group!) Anyhow, I started with her in my homemade bonding bag, but then saw the dog car seat and had an idea. Let's put Aniston in it!
Good little co-pilot :)
What a neat plan that was- she had a good time and I was able to focus on the road more. Now, before I get bombarded with emails asking how did I train her to stay in the car sear, well, I didn't. She is just a pretty well behaved little rat. Which is probably another reason why I like her so much, LOL! As a reward for sitting so nice in the car seat, we stopped through the drive thru of Wendy's and she got a few licks of my Frosty. You should have seen the look on the drive thru person's face to see a little beige hooded rat riding shot-gun! I wish I could have taken a photo of THAT! But instead I got some of Aniston in her new car lookout seat... and some more of her driving home. Just kidding!