How long do Rats live?

Introduction: The Rat Life Cycle Before we answer the question of how long does a rat live, it is first necessary to make clear that not all rats are the same. There are distinct subspecies amongst the rat species, with each one having a different average life expectancy. Moreover, it is important to distinguish between […]

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baby rat

How to take care of a baby rat?

Introduction: Baby Rats So you have found a small, lonely rat baby left alone. You want to help it survive, thrive and prosper. Perhaps you’ve had rat pets previously – or you simply have a soft spot for helpless animals. You need not worry. This is the definitive article in taking care of baby rodents. […]

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Are Rats Nocturnal?

Introduction: The Rat Rats are medium sized, long-tailed rodents originating in Asia. They are distinct from mice, easily recognized by their relatively bigger size. There are many different subspecies, such as the Norway rat (Rattus norvegcus) or the roof rat (Rattus rattus). Their populations can expand exponentially – if unchecked, one pair can produce six […]

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