Memorial Photos

Rats are a special part of our lives and we want to treasure their memories forever. Because I believe this so strongly, and because I love my readers, I would be honored to make a memorial photo for anyone who would like one. No charge. <3

To have a Memorial Photo made, please email the following to CONTACTME@RATWHISPERER.NET:
  • Your ratty's name
  • Your ratty's date of birth (if known) and date of passing- if desired
  • A few favorite photos of your ratty
I will create a memorial photo for you that you could save to your computer and/or have it sent off to be developed if you wish (Snapfish is a good site to use for this). I will select a design that works best with your photos to give it an ethereal look.

Photo done of Picasso Ratty
Photo done of Eames Angel Rat

Gone but not forgot!


  1. That is so sweet of you....those are beautiful.

  2. now THAT is totally cool! man i miss my Rats man, they sure dont live long nuff; ive had many, wish i still had pix, lost em all in the Great Fire

  3. What a heartwarming way to remember our pets. I had my beloved rat, Rexi, immortalized by having an identical plushie made. Some times when I see the plushie at the corner of my eye, I think it is her then realize it is not. She and I were so bonded. I may have to think about getting one of these photos, but after spending $320 on vet care for my girl I'll have to save and it will be worth it.