Monday, February 25, 2013

My New Rat Playroom!

My rat playroom is nearly complete! Waiting on some cute rat wall decals to put along the baseboards and I would like to have wooden letter or a plague that says "Aquarius Mischief" to put on the wall...and of course, to continuously add new toys...but its done! Those pink dollar-store basket house all kinds of pet related items- from dog and cat treats to flea medications to water conditioner for our betta fish....and a bunch of rat stuff too of course! Its about 7'10" L x 6'2" W so plenty of space to play! Its actually an oversized closet off my office. 


  1. The playroom looks really great! This is my first time checking out your website and I love it! I really love how passionate you are about rats and respect the community that you are growing! Go Rat Whisperer!

    1. Thanks so much! There is nothing better than taking something you love and turning into something postive for others! This blog started out just me wanting to write about my rats- since they dont live very long, I wanted something that I could always go back to to remember them by. It gave me a creative outlet. And of course, a place to show off my adorable ratties to the world! Then I begun using it to start posting things that would be helpful for other rat owners, once I saw there was actually people out there that were reading it! Now my hobby (this blog) has really taken off and I am CONSTANTLY looking into ways to make it better...I put about as much time into it as someone would a part-time job. Since I am now a stay at home mom, I kinda look at it that way too...but a job I really enjoy! Thanks so much for stopping by and showing some love! You guys (my readers) make all the researching, writng, proof reading, and work all worth it! It would still be fun to write, but its even better when you have readers!

  2. What fun the rats will have in your new playroom! It is so colorful and fun. A great place to hang out and let the rats roam.

  3. This playgroom looks like a little Paradise.