Friday, January 4, 2013

New Home Remedy for Noisy Breathing

One of my rats, Cicero, had some noisy breathing- as in when he sleeps, he "snores". I had made a remedy similar like this and was using it as needed and it seemed to be working. Now I use this newly altered version every other day and it really has been working! No noisy breathing from Cicero- or any rat for that matter! This video was made a couple months ago- I just now got around to posting.


  1. This is great info, thanks! I have a couple of questions (they may be silly ones). Is the dosage 1 tsp PER RAT? Also, once you pop the dosage out of the freezer, how do you give it to them? Thaw it and use a syringe? Thanks again ~ love your posts!!

    1. It could be, if you have a noisy-breathing rat.
      I have seven girls so I usually thaw one "dose" by letting it sit out at room temperature for a bit, then I mix in their fruit or veggie baby food and other supplements. I have three boys- which together still weigh more than my girls so I give them 2 also.
      Its sweetened with the agave nectar so I find they will lap at it even if I don't add anything else to it.

  2. Keep in mind that vitamin C will break down in the freezer. Just letting you know.

  3. This looks fantastic, i have a couple of boys who are noisy breathers, i have boy who has a permanent rattle which medications have no affect on, he is completely healthy and happy and has been like this since i adopted him when he was about 6 months old, he is now almost 2 years old :D:D i would love to try this on him and see if it will help his little rattle issue a bit, thank you so much!!

  4. Great blog! Need to come back and watch your videos, really enjoy the ones I've watched already. Well done!